We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality service. Here are the people working for you every day to repair your vehicle.


  • Kim Longar comes to us from a payroll service company. She is experienced in everything and is our "Jack of all trades". Kim is charged with picking up parts, mowing the lawn, washing your cars, office backup and so much more. She is a fabulous asset and we are proud to have her. If youre lucky enough to have her run you home make sure to ask about Storm, her giant Great Dane, Storm comes to visit every once in a while!


  • Franklin Longar comes to us from Tire and Wheel decades ago. Frank is our Service Advisor and the one that helps you make the decision what to fix and why to fix it. Frank is married to Kim and you can ask him about how awesome his wife is! Also, they have three accomplished daughters that live in and out of the state as well as nine grandchildren. Frank and Kim go Sunday road tripping almost every week so make sure to ask where the next trip is, they always find fun places to go!


  • Dave Knotek manages The Swedish Solution from top to bottom. He comes to us from a Goodyear shop and was a Master Technician before he stepped into the manager position. Dave still holds his master technician title and uses it to make sure your cars are repaired right the first time. Dave loves golf, the Indians and spending time with his two lovely daughters and beautiful grandchildren.


  • Wendy Clawson has been with us for a little over 3 years now. She came from a Marketing career and has stepped in to work on the business and a little bit in the business. You'll catch her every once in a while at the front desk helping you make an appointment or washing your car. She loves being the owner and is so proud of her team! Wendy says "The Swedish Solution in Orange is the best shop with talented people and wonderful customers, who wouldn't want to be the boss!" She is not around much but she is always reachable. Call her cell 216.645.7050 she loves talking to her customers!

Steve Miller

  • Steve Miller, master technician, has been wrenching on cars for over 30 years. He is our vintage go to guru, working on everything from a 1964 Austin Healy to a 2019 Mercedes. Steve is a real life MacGyver, he always has multiple solutions to every problem. Steve loves history and has traveled the world. He is a plethora of information from cars to politics, there is always something to learn.